Bitcoin faucet list explained

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies today. Over the years, since it was launched in 2009, Bitcoin has continued to gain popularity. Some businesses are now embracing the use of the digital coin together with other currencies. Therefore, when you have bitcoins, you are holding good money, unlike before, when the digital currency was seen as a scam. You can buy goods and services using bitcoin today. However, have you ever asked yourself, where can you get bitcoin? The answer is simple: you can either buy or mine from the bitcoin faucets. Below is bitcoin faucet list to consider.

So, what is Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are very popular in the cryptocurrency industry. To understand it betters, take an example of water dripping from a source, where it might take a whole day to fill a single glass. Now replace water drip with bitcoin, that’s how bitcoin faucets work. Typically, bitcoin faucets are websites which allow you to undertake small tasks like viewing ads or taking part in surveys, among other things, then pay you in small amounts of bitcoin. In the cryptocurrency world, this is known as mining digital currencies. You can accumulate the small amounts until you get a full bitcoin.

How do Bitcoin faucets work?

Typically, bitcoin faucets allow you to do simple tasks and get paid in small bitcoin units called satoshis. There are many bitcoin faucets out there, although some have been receiving lots of criticism for turning out to be a scam. However, there are genuine faucets where digital currency users mine and get the bitcoin. The bitcoin faucets rates vary from one to another and depending on the task at hand. Small tasks will be paid less than more demanding activities. It’s advisable to be careful when choosing some of the bitcoin faucets out there.

Origin and history of bitcoin faucets

The first bitcoin faucet to get into the market was just called The Bitcoin Faucet. The platform was launched in 2010, a year after the launch of this digital currency. The faucet was developed by Gavin Andresen, who is known for being involved in digital currencies, bitcoin in particular. At that time, Gavin was offering his website visitors 5 bitcoins to watch ads or complete simple captcha. Today, the five bitcoins are equal to a whooping $29,000. Many bitcoin faucets have since been developed, enabling internet users to earn different types of cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens has been around for years now, providing Bitcoin miners with a unique and effective platform. The Bitcoin Aliens comes with games which you have to play for you get paid some satoshis. The BTC aliens app is available for both iOS and Android users. You only need to install the app on your device, register, and start playing or undertake other activities. As you play, the faucet will calculate and generate the number of bitcoin units you should be paid in the background. A single game can earn you 4000 satoshis an equivalent of $0.25, which is a good deal.

2. Bitcoin Zebra

Bitcoin Zebra was developed after a series of frustrations from the existing faucets then. The faucet developer claimed that he needed to have a reliable, well-working, and reputable faucet website, and that’s what motivated him to come up with BTC Zebra. The application is available for all smartphone users. Once you register and log in to the faucet, you’re supposed to take part in various competitions, after which you get paid some bitcoin units, which you can withdraw and convert them into real money. The application is always being updated and has the potential of becoming a top bitcoin faucet in the future.

3. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is an established faucet that enjoys a vast user base globally. Many people consider this faucet as the best and most reliable compared to others on the market today. It offers users with different digital currencies to gain as well as a daily log in earning, which makes it attractive. Moon Bitcoin also pays after some minutes, meaning you can leave your browser on, do your duties at home or office then come back to claim your satoshis, and you will be paid. That’s how Moon Bitcoin offers easy ways to earn bitcoins.

Another bitcoin faucets helping people earn satoshis from the comfort of their homes or offices is FamilyBTC, which is considered family-friendly faucet and enables users to earn 100% referral bonuses. There are many cryptocurrency faucets, and sometimes it could be tough to know the best and the genuine one. Each faucet comes with great promises and you might get confused in the process. However, always do your research to understand how different faucets work, then choose your favourite. Feel free to also consult with bitcoin experts to guide you in choosing the most effective and working faucet on the market.