What is Litecoin? Can you buy Litecoin with cash?

Based on the bitcoin protocol, Charlie Lee created litecoin.

It is the third-largest cryptocurrency after the XRP and the bitcoin. These transactions got conducted in LTC units instead of using US dollars.

This cryptocurrency helps to lighten the bitcoin blockchain making it transact cheaply and quickly. It uses a blockchain that allows for quicker transfer speed and transactions.

When creating and transferring coins, the cryptocurrency uses software that is open-source. One of the payment methods to use is to buy Litecoin with cash. You can buy bitcoins with cash and then exchange them for LTC.

Buying Litecoins with cash

Initially, there was no direct way to buy LTC with cash. However, you can look for brokers and some guys in the bar willing to exchange or swap this cryptocurrency with money. The method sounds to be untrustworthy.

Nowadays, the bitcoins ATMs available don’t support LTC. But you can buy bitcoin with cash and later swap it electronically for a Litecoin. Coinflip allows you to purchase LTC with cash since it has produced a multi-cryptosystem of ATMs.

Additionally, you can even sell your Litcoin for money through cash-out functions available in the coinflip.

Buying Litecoin

You require to have a wallet for LTC before you go buying them. The following are the three simple steps for purchasing this digital asset.

Firstly, you need to get a crypto wallet. Today there are many cryptocurrency wallets; hardware and software wallets are considered to be among the best.

Secondly, a coin exchange is required. The transactions that sell litecoins are increasing each day as the currency is becoming more popular.

Examples of exchanges are eToro, Coinbase, and Bit Panda. Lastly, withdraw your LTC from a trade and put them in your wallet.

Factors that determine where to buy Litecoins

Payment method. The method helps you decide where to buy your litecoin.

These are the methods that you can use to buy LTC.

  • Credit or Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Cash payments
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies

Crypto is the simplest of all. If you have already signed up and have a bitcoin, you can easily swap for a LTC. Not many platforms of exchange use Paypal as a method of payment.

If you choose to use bank transfers, then Coinbase and Bit Panda are the best platforms to use. Coinmama and Coinbase allow you to buy your litecoin using credit cards.

The country of origin

country map

Specific platforms have territorial and regional rocks. The reason is that the payment method varies on country by country local partnerships. The countries that are more developed are more accessible to alliances.

Coinbase platform is a more comfortable platform, but it is only available from some countries following the set rules based on exchanges for local countries and territories.

The country you are in helps you decide on where you buy your litecoin. There is no standard set globally and therefore the exchanges on each country follow electronic payments they have. Different countries prefer different exchange platforms.

Fees and Prices

The demand and supply determine the LTC prices, and thus LTC prices rise depending on the people willing to sell as well as buy the litcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges usually offer the litecoin at low fees and costs compared to broker services. There are fees involved in the cryptocurrency investment and therefore, you need to be aware of them and how they might affect your trading.

The miner fee is the first off and you cant avoid it. The miner fee is the same in all the exchanges. Then you will find the exchange fee, which is different in different exchange platforms.


It is good to know that before you start, make sure that you have an excellent LTC wallet. You should not keep your LTC on crypto exchange.

Overall, buying a litecoin depends on where you are and the source of payment. Some countries have excellent access to many different trades and platforms.

LTC can get purchased with cash, but it is not a safer method. There are three platforms that you can set your account for crypto-trading.

They include:

Rember, the more remote you are, the more difficult the situation becomes to access banking transfers for bitcoins.


What are the risks of buying Litcoin?

The LTC price can go down to zero. Again, you should not take a chance of leaving your money on an exchange.

How much is Litcoin worth?

The value of a litecoin changes now and then. The country you are in also determines a litecoin worth as well as the exchange that you are trading.

Where do I store my Litcoin?

A hardware wallet is the best place to store a LTC.

Will it take long for Litcoin to confirm?

After two and half minutes blocks for litecoins are added.