How Free Bitcoin Mining Without Investment Works

Anyone who looks to earn Bitcoin (BTC) can mine BTC for free without investment by completing simple tasks on different sites.

To mine BTC is the process through which blocks of blockchain are formed. To create each block, the system has to solve a mathematical equation that allows transaction data to be stored on each block created.

As a miner, your work is to provide the computing power for these transactions to take place, and for every transaction, you are paid a commission for approved transactions.

This process does not necessarily require you to invest heavily as there are digital assets already available online.

Free Bitcoin Mining Without Investment – Is it Possible?

One question many people ask is whether it’s possible to mine BTC for free and make a profit.

Traditionally, it has been possible with computing resources, which usually require a heavy power supply to run. But this is no longer the case as there are digital assets like websites, apps, and browsers that make it possible to mine Bitcoins while you go about your daily online activities.

The assets can be used on desktop and mobile devices. On these platforms, a user is paid satoshis (small parts of BTC) when they complete a task.

To mine using a cloud is also an option that miners use.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Also known as remote cryptocurrency mining, to mine using the cloud is a service provided by hosts, who are people with farms (collections of rigs in designated facilities).

Mostly, the hosts are corporations that use the cloud to mine, so they set up huge facilities with hardware like powerful:

  • Processors
  • Motherboards
  • GPUs

To mine for free using a cloud is an option as you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands to set up powerful facilities.

You can easily mine Bitcoins without the need to manage your own hardware, as everything is done by previously established systems elsewhere.

Mining Bitcoin with your computer

mining bitcoin with your computer

Using your computer and graphic card to mine BTC is the easiest way you will find out there. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

In addition, you will need to install software, and then just like that, you can begin making BTC. You can choose one of the few available services on the internet that facilitate this kind of process.

Simply, the software uses your computer’s GPU and CPU to mine cryptocurrencies.

Some services even allow you to mine different cryptocurrencies, which means you can increase your earnings if you commit your machine to the activity.

Mining Bitcoin on the CryptoTab Browser

Another way you can earn Bitcoins through mining is by using the CryptoTab browser. You simply install the browser and then log in through:

  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Facebook

Then, start to mine and specify hash speed.

By using this as your daily browser, the software will automatically generate satoshis. The service is also available on Android devices and works in the same way.

All you need is to ensure the device is connected to a power adapter for charging, as the mining process requires power and you don’t want to drain your device while you mine BTC.

Other ways to earn Bitcoins

Besides mining, there are also other ways you could earn BTC. One of the most common is buying and selling BTC at an exchange.

This may require a small initial investment, but then you can work your way up with time.

Basically, how it works is that you buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price to generate profit in the process.

All you need to do is choose a trusted platform like CoinBase or QuadrigaCX and you are good to go. Some traders who have established themselves in this service earn decent profits.

Using PTC Sites

Pay to Click (PTC) sites offer users a button that redirects to a different webpage, where the user can watch the page for a few seconds.

Once the timer finishes, they are paid satoshis.

Some PTC sites will fund your balance in digital currency – you can then withdraw the money to your Bitcoin wallet when it reaches a certain limit.

You just need to use the websites on a daily basis to increase your amount. Some sites also pay for referrals, so when you invite friends you are paid a small percentage of what they make on the site.


The internet offers endless opportunities if you are looking for a way to earn money. One of the ways you could earn money without investment is by doing Bitcoin mining.

There are different solutions if you look to mine BTC for free without investment. From cloud mining to using your computer’s GPU to mine BTC, you will not need to acquire expensive equipment to mine and earn money with the cryptocurrency.

Also, there are other options if you look to earn money from Bitcoin besides mining.

Buying and selling is an alternative, and you could join PTC sites and get paid.


Can you mine Bitcoin for free?

Yes on certain browser features all you need is a computer and internet.
Some other websites let you do small tasks and mine BTC for free at the same time.

How much does it cost to min 1 Bitcoin?

The cost to mine BTC depends on the blockchain transaction fees.
Also, your electrical bill for running your BTC miner should also be included.

Why is Bitcoin mining so expensive?

The electricity cost of running BTC mining hardware is expensive. Also to buy the hardware has a juicy price tag.