Understanding the Bitcoin services out there today

Bitcoin (BTC) is among the most valuable digital currencies in the world today. Although there have been frictions over the acceptance of this digital currency when it was launched early in 2009, people and businesses are slowly accepting it.

There are many BTC services out there today, and you may be surprised to learn that some major companies have embraced the use of this digital currency.

So, what services can you access using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is now a globally accepted digital currency. However, not all companies will accept it as a mode of payment.

Nevertheless, the good news is that you can now access many essential services and pay using BTC.

That now explains why the value of the coin has been going up over the years. Here are some of the top services you can access with BTC:

1. Casino games

Bitcoin users or investors can now play their favorite online casino games and place bets using this digital currency.

However, only certain specific casino gaming providers have been licensed to use BTC as an accepted payment method.

Therefore, you will need to do your research to find out which online casinos offer a BTC service. You can either play online or visit the casino games.

2. Restaurant services

You can now pay for your favourite meals using bitcoin at various global fast-food joints across the world.

For instance, KFC, Burger King, and Subway have been reported to accept BTC payments, though not in all their branches. Before you order your meal, confirm first whether the digital currency is accepted.

There are other food joints not documented that also accept BTC, so do your own research as well.

3. Airline services

Different airline service providers allow their clients to book flights or pay for other transportation needs using cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, you can always fly with ease when using bitcoin. However, only a few airlines, such as Norwegian Air, have approved BTC as a mode of payment for their services.

Travel agencies like airBaltic and Destinia.com also accept Bitcoin. Check with your favorite airline if they also accept BTC payments.

4. Shopping

As mentioned earlier, it is now acceptable in almost all sectors of the economy globally. You can now shop from various online retail stores using BTC.

For instance, Shopify, which is among the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, allows customers to buy and pay with Bitcoin.

Overstock was the first online store to accept crypto payments, and therefore also allows customers to enjoy this service.

5. Buying Benfica Football club game tickets

For football lovers in Portugal, you can now buy Sporting Lisbon or Benfica Football Club tickets using bitcoin. In addition, the club also allows customers to buy their merchandise and pay for additional services using BTC.

It’s also predicted that other major football clubs in Europe will soon approve cryptocurrency payments. Some betting companies are also allowing football fans to bet with bitcoin.

There is no doubt that BTC is now being accepted in a wide variety of business transactions. Although the majority of companies are yet to embrace the use of digital currency, very soon, the world could be running on bitcoin.

Casino lovers can now enjoy their favorite games and place bets using this coin. In other businesses, always confirm with the service provider.